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"With CloudMagic, you’ll be amazed how much more productive your emailing on the go gets"

- Allison Stadd
"CloudMagic’s Email Application Now Lets You Complete Your Work Right From Your Inbox"

- Sarah Perez
"CloudMagic is the best overall option, with its reminders, improved search, cross-app cooperation and support for many email providers."

- Joanna Stern
"CloudMagic is a practical, clean, and functional email app. It lets me quickly access my folders and switch between accounts"

- Vlad Savov
"CloudMagic believes it has found the secret to fixing email: third-party app support, so you never have to leave your inbox."

- Harrison Weber
"CloudMagic has included new feature that ignores your need to reach Inbox Zero and focuses on extracting all of the important data in your email so that you can actually do something with it."

- Matt Brian
"CloudMagic stands on top of the pyramid for its minimalist design, integration with other cloud storage services, and how well it pushes email from almost any type of account."

- Derek Walter
"CloudMagic is pleasing to the eye, easily navigable, and feature packed. If you’re starting to get tired of your current client, CloudMagic is an alternative you must try out."

- Samantha

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